Create a Job Winning Résumé

Big and small companies alike receive hundreds of résumés for a position. Employers may not have time to read in detail every resume that arrives at their desks and gather every information about the candidates. You must provide it on a silver platter – easy to obtain and elegantly presented.

This course is designed for people interested in career opportunities in Nepal as well as abroad, where résumé rather than curriculum vitae is the preferred candidate profile format.

After completing this course, the learners will be able to:

  • understand the standards/practice of résumé making.
  • select only the required and essential information to be put on the résumé.
  • integrate the standards of résumé creation into his/her own résumé to construct a résumé able to get into the next stage of selection process.
  • Introduction to the course 

    This module gives you a brief introduction about the course, how it will proceed and what is expected from the learners


    • Introduction video
  • CV, résumé and their definitions 

    After completing this module, the learners will be able to understand the differences between a CV and a résumé, distinguish good and bad resume.


    • CV and Résumé: the differences
    • What is a good résumé
    • Sample résumé
  • Résumé making basics 

    After completing this module, the learners will be able to integrate best résumé making practices into their own résumés.


    • Contents of the résumé
    • Some tips for a better résumé
    • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Assessment & Additional Resources 

    After completing this module, the learners will be able to create a résumé making the it easier to reach the next step of the recruitment process


    • Upload your résumé
    • Resume writing Guide

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