Rock that Speech

Learn all the basic tips and tricks to make great, outstanding speeches every single time. You will be able to impress audiences, earn respect among your colleagues and friends with the simple, practical exercises in this course. Your level of confidence of stage will be absolutely phenomenal and speech writing will become much easier.

Build a strong set of skills to help you conceptualize, write, format, practice and deliver great speeches for all levels, that get you encouraging feedback every single time.

After completing this course, the learners will be able to:

  • Recognize your current level as a speaker; list out your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify the skills of truly powerful speakers
  • Understand how to organize and format a speech
  • Learn the importance of body language and vocal variety
  • Create compact, memorable speeches through specific and practical tips

Target Audience

Any one new to public speaking or people with fear to express themselves in public.


  • Introduction to the course  

    This module gives you a brief introduction about the course, how it will proceed and what is expected from the learners


    • How to Study; Treat this Course like Champagne, not Tequila!
    • My Personal Transformation Story
  • What is Public Speaking,Why We Fear it as Much as Death?  0/4

    • Introduction; What is Public Speaking
    • Types of Speech
    • How Excellent Public Speaking Skills Help You Stand Out
    • The Ace Speaker; Skills to Aspire for!
  • Speech Content; Engage the Audience through your Message  0/5

    • Speech Content; What Do You Want to Say
    • Opening; Grab their Attention NOW!
    • Body; Keep Them Interested
    • Conclusion; Make a Mark! Get Them to Act
    • Transitions; Make the Speech Flow
  • Voice Modulation, Your Voice can Make you or Break your Speech  0/6

    • Volume; Are you Heard?? Are you Loved???
    • Pitch; Are you Childish, Intimidating or Awesome?
    • Tone; Are you Friendly? Loved? Sincere? Genuine?
    • Rate; Lightning or Tortoise? Or Just Right?
    • Pauses; Add Drama and Effect
    • Emphasis; Give the Right Meaning by Using this Simple Trick
  • Body Language, How to Display your Words  0/4

    • Body Language Basics; Is your Body Giving the Same Message as your Words?
    • Eye Contact; Involve and Engage Them!
    • Body Movement; Use your Body to Enhance your Message
    • Gestures and Facial Expressions; Do you REALLY Mean What you Say?
  • How to Prepare; Learn how to Let Go of Paper Support and be Outstanding!  0/2

    • Practice Pointers; FEEL Confident!
    • Tips for D-Day; Enjoy the Anticipation and the Moment!

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