Recover Bad Answers; Get the Best out of Interview!

Ever been to an interview and felt totally underprepared? Didn’t have any idea how to present yourself? Ever got so nervous that you messed up what you had to say and later realized that you could have said it much better? Then this is totally for you!

It is painful to regret the answers you popped up with and lost job instead of which you could have grabbed it. It is sad when you have lived with that pain. The good news is we are humans and we all make mistakes. It’s natural. There are ways in which you can recover them. I have grabbed up some and marked down for your ease.

Recover from Bad Answers in an Interview

There are two ways to put this horrible situation down and recover your bad answer. Those are listed below.

Ask for A Chance

The first that you can do is, you can request the interviewer to give you another chance to add more to the answer. Don’t ever directly ask the interviewer if you could change you reply. Instead, request in a way such that, it sounds like you want to add up to what you just said. Trust me, this way is absolutely fine. More often than not, they will allow you to do that.

Ask for A Different Method

You could always ask if you can phrase it in a different manner or state it differently. Just saying that much says that you want to sort of change what you said and that’s absolutely acceptable.

However, there might be some point when you feel that the answer wasn’t important enough. In that scenario, if it can be overlooked, don’t go through the trouble. Initially, know which are the questions you have to answer well and those which aren’t.  If one doesn’t go well it might be perfectly fine to answer rest in a better way.  

These methods do absolutely no harm. If you do this more often than not, they will agree and after doing that, you will feel so much better having given the answer that you wanted to give. Don’t ever live with regrets that eat you up. There are also countless other ways to recover and it generally depends on various other factors like the type of job you are interviewing for (is it technical or more on the human side), the interviewer and so on.

Have good interview!

Confidence can play magical role!

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