What Sustainable Development Goal are You Passionate About?

Our introductory course on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) helps us to know about the 17 goals, takes us through a video of role play as well as videos that navigate from Millenium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals. There’s also a quick quiz to help you test your knowledge on it.

Finally, the takers of the course will notice a callback in the form of an Assignment that asks the students three things:

  1. The goal that you are passionate about
  2. Why is it relevant to you and your community
  3. What can you do at an individual level to achieve it?

If you have not taken the course and are interested in doing so, here’s your link to enroll now and it’s free for everyone. A version of the course by Edushala and Yuva is also available at Udemy.

This final step is an important one because along with the Government and Local Community, you, as an individual, are also a stakeholder in implementing the goals from your side. Out of these 17 goals collectively spread across 5 Ps, you can pick one that you are passionate about and implement it in your community.

To get you started, a student (Ruchin Singh) of the course has prepared a sample assignment. We are posting it here so that you can do something similar to a goal that is relevant to you. We hope it will take you toward the right direction as a stakeholder of SDGs.

For your reference, here’s a copy of the assignment:

The goal(s) that you are passionate and relevant in your community (Choose at least one)

I Support Quality Education

Tell us why that goal is relevant to you and your community

I have been in the field of education for more than five years and I am very much a believer that education will change the world for better. I love to teach and inspire others to keep on learning and
develop a life-long habit of learning something new. I think that quality education should be democratized and everyone should have access to it. The way I see forward is through online learning. Being a teacher, I do want students to get access to quality education. This shouldn’t be limited to a selected few.

Finally, tell us what will you do at an individual level to achieve that goal

I am trying to promote online education for my students. I regularly facilitate online courses provided free by top universities around the world. Learning something on your own pace will develop the lifelong learning opportunities not limited to just to academic institutions.

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